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Make Money from your RV

Let's be honest, with the current economic climate as it is, we've all felt the pinch right?

Which is exactly why Silverstream RV Hire are currently looking for American Motorhome owners, who would like to earn a second income from hiring their motorhome to us. As you are well aware, American motorhomes can be a very expensive investment, that more often than not, sit around unused for the best part of their lives. So why not start getting a return from your investment, rather than it depreciating in value, standing out in the elements? We have several RV owners currently enjoying the use of their own vehicles when it suits them, and receiving a healthy second income for basically doing nothing! We regularly turn away potential bookings, because we don't have enough vehicles for certain events, but those potential bookings we do turn away, could easily have netted the owner of a good quality RV anything up to £2000 for the weekend. Yes, the weekend!

How it works:
Hiring your motorhome to us, is a very straightforward procedure, and for the right vehicle, it can be very lucrative indeed. Once you are on-board with us, we do all the hard work in marketing your vehicle on our website, sourcing suitable clients, taking care of all enquiries & administration etc. Once we have established which dates throughout the year that your vehicle would be available, we then allocate your vehicle to a particular event/location accordingly. When the pre-arranged date comes around, the vehicle is then taken to the hire location by one of our professional drivers, and returned to you at the end of the hire period, it's as simple as that!

Peace of mind:
Not only is your vehicle fully insured by our Comprehensive insurance for the entire duration of the hire period, and only driven to and from locations by one of our professional drivers (at no point during the hire period does a customer ever get behind the wheel of a third party owned RV), but you also have the additional backing of our strict client terms & conditions which are legally binding. After the event, your vehicle will be returned to you in exactly the same condition it went out in (if not better), with the same amount of fuel it leaves you with (if not more), and in the highly unlikely event of anything being lost/damaged, your contract with us ensures that it will be replaced/repaired like for like.

We have clients waiting to hire your motorhome right now, so if you own a modern, well maintained American motorhome that you would be interested in hiring to us, then give a call on 0843 289 5574 for more information. PLEASE NOTE: We are at present only looking for what we call "bunkhouse" vehicles that can provide several beds, not just one main bed, one pull out sofa bed,and a dinette.

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